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The Good Burger 2 Kel Mitchell Shirt is your ticket into the mystical world of retro-style fashion, dedicated to both a much beloved era and an even more cherished pop culture personality. Made from premium cotton fiber, this exquisite shirt is not only cool and comfortable to wear but buoyant as well. You can still enjoy it for many years to come! The breath-you quality of cotton keeps you cool and mellow, so this shirt is good for going out and about or attending themed parties even if all that will get your blood flowing is reminiscing in private over the glory days of television.

Good Burger 2 Kel Mitchell Shirt style collar adds a touch of elegance and multifunctionality to the design. Besides being a perfect complement to the overall aesthetic, this collar style can be worn for both casual and semi-formal occasions. The open style also makes for easy wear, and the closure is a buttoned one allowing you to adjust it according your wish.

Adding to the 90s flavor are short sleeves and buttoned cuffs, so you both look casual yet refined. In addition, a single chest pocket not only enhances its classic good looks but provides practical storage for small essentials. It’s retro without losing function.

Good Burger 2 Kel Mitchell Shirt is bathed in a beautiful blue shade, with stripes reminiscent of the cool street clothes of the 90s. Whether you’re a fan of the mythical hero or just looking to add your own retro flavor into your wardrobe, nothing will cause eyes to light up and tongues to wag as provoking an homage like this one.


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